Rockin' With Reg

One of the many joys of the Ginger reunion this summer was not only seeing my dear friend Reg Ballagh but to actually play a gig with him again after over forty years! I was asked to play at one of my students 60th birthday party. I didn't actually ask Reg if he wanted to do it, I said to him 'I have a gig for us'. We had a couple of rehearsals in which we had great fun working out arrangements but it was mostly Reg playing along with my repetoire. We did the gig and played for two and a half hours where we played everything from old time fiddle tunes, motown songs, Beatles and bluegrass as well as a bunch of my tunes. We even got birthday boy Bill to sing some of his favourite Jimmy Buffett songs! Reg played along with everything with consummate taste and musicianship.  Everything he played was the right thing at the right time and at the right volume. Such a joy.
There were about 70 people in Bill's backyard that night and we had a great time celebrating his birthday. Thanks for having us at the party Bill and Wendy, we had a blast!!! Here we are in action.


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